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Aden Brook Farms is a company dedicated to providing customers in all areas & markets of the U.S. and abroad with reliable source of hay specific to their needs. We sell and distribute all grades & varieties of hay, straw and wood shavings. From high quailty Western Alfalfa to low cost feeding hay & on to mulching straw we have product available for shipment in your location. We are your single source for all your hay, straw & shavings needs. Buy from a company that stands behind what they sell.

Products Offered

hay straw shavings bedding alfalfa delivery horse hay alfalfa hay Timothy hay Western hay grass hay geed grain straw wheat straw rye straw straw bale mulch wood shavings white pine wood shavings Horse bedding wood pellet bedding obecs

Services Offered

delivery and transportation throughout United States and abroad

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        deliveries - hay deliveries

        grain - straw
        grain - alfalfa
        hay - grass hay
        hay - alfalfa hay
        hay - timothy hay

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105 Depot St.


Pine Bush NY 12566